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Sometimes you have to order to grow!

If you follow Wanda S. Hanson's blog, Exuberant Color, you probably realize she has great skill with color, and she's not afraid to use it!

I didn't use the word 'gift' to describe her color capabilities, because it suggests she was born with it and it took no practice or hard work to achieve. Now 60 years since she started quilting, it may appear to be a natural born talent, but it took hard earned time, persistence and perserverence to unlock the mysteries of color through daily working.

Wanda is a self-taught artist who mastered color one-step-at-a-time through years of practice.

What makes Wanda unique as a teacher is that she empowers her students with practical steps not theory. She simplifies - what could otherwise be clouded with confusing terms and concepts.

Colorwash 360 is a course that will unlock the mysteries of working with color through the process of making a Colorwash Wallhanging. Once you understand how, and have the example of your finished wallhanging to refer back to, you'll be able to apply this knowledge again and again, until it becomes second nature for you too, in all of your quilt projects.

Are you ready to take a leap of faith....outside of your comfort zone and grow in your knowledge of color with Wanda's help?

"I have been making Colorwash quilts since the early 1990's and have had my work published several times. So many of my blog readers have asked to learn how to make them and some have taken my class in person. I wanted to share my techniques with all who want to learn, so we've made this course for you to take in the comfort of your home. No airfare, hotels, time away from home...just focused learning when you can fit it in!"  - Wanda S. Hanson 


Once enrolled you'll have access to the Private Colorwash Kit Shop*

Inside you'll find die cut kits of approximately 300 different fabrics ready to be made into your Colorwash wallhanging in either Kaffe Fassett prints or Batiks. (There is a very limited quantity, enroll now for access.) . Kaffe Fassett Die-Cut kits are now Out of Stock, but Kaffe 6" starter packs A + B are available.

You'll also find 4 different Starter packs 2 in Kaffe Fassett Fabrics and 2 in Batiks. They include over 90 different fabrics each, in 6" squares. Use them to cut up to 4 squares or 1-2 fussy cuts, or even rectangles. 

*U.S. shipping only at this time.


“This course unlocked the mysteries of color for me. Wanda is an amazing Teacher!”
- Anonymous

Wanda S. Hanson, Quilt Artist & Blogger

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"I've been teaching quilting for over 50 years. I had my own Quilt shop as well as worked at a number of others over the years. I've been not only buying fabrics for my own use, but was the buyer for a number of stores. I've learned through experience what makes great fabric choices for every kind of project.

Colorwash is one of my signature styles. I've been making them since the early 1990's and have been published a number of times. I continue to make them because I haven't made the perfect colorwash yet! I love the challenge of achieving the smooth gradation and every piece is a teacher as each project is unique and it takes problem-solving and trouble shooting to fix a transition that isn't working and foresee when a piece is going in a direction that will cause a failure further along in the design.

You will receive my wisdom from decades of practice making colorwash wallhangings. And everything I have learned about both color and pattern will be shared to enrich all of your works in the future. 

I'd be thrilled to have you in my class!"
​​​​​​​   Wanda

Simplicity and Clarity without Fluff - See what's inside the course

1: Introduction - Think Like an Artist
This lesson opens your mind to see your quilting practice from the perspective of an artist. Surprising to some, artists are often very organized and create repeatable workflows to limit thinking and maximize the fun creative flow.

2: Fabric - Assemble Your Palette
Wanda describes the types of fabrics that work well in gradation, how to tell the difference between those that work and don't ,and all details related to getting your materials ready for the next step. 

3: Design: Create Your Artwork
This is the nerve center of the whole project. You'll receive extensive instruction on placing your pieces to achieve a smooth beautiful result.

4: Sew - Value Time like a Pro
People are amazed at the quantity of quilts Wanda can create. Of course some think she's got a magic wand and 'poof' a new quilt is complete. Luckily for you, her tricks are teachable and practical. There is no Time wasting in Wanda's practice.

5: Finish - Make Your Work Sing
Some might think that since Wanda works so quickly, she may also cut corners and skimp on quality here and there....Nope...She's the exact opposite. Quality construction and heirloom finishing makes her end projects works of art. Learn all about her process.

Bonus #1 -  Colorwash Design Home Video
Uncut and real, start to finish home video of designing a Colorwash from a kit. Fastforward at whatever pace you desire, but you'll see just how much goes into one of Wanda's designs. 

Bonus #2 - 40 Day Virtual Workshop
Some of us do better when we're working beside others and going in a step by step fashion with the instructor nearby.  Weekly Q & A with Wanda and a chance to get feedback on your progress. Enjoy this gift of time with Wanda that may never be offered again. (Platform will serve all, not just those on social media...more details to come.)

Bonus #3 -  Kaffe Fassett Fabric Directory
If you're a fan of Kaffe's fabrics, you probably have a few in your stash. You'll receive access to Wanda's private catalogue of prints with inventory lists so you can document your stash, or note which prints you're seeking.

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  • Receive immediate access to the course portal and kit shop
  • Course Lessons unlock Oct 1
  • Virtual Workshop with Wanda runs from Oct 1-Nov 9
  • Weekly Q & A with Wanda
  • 12 Months Access to Colorwash 360 + Bonuses
  • Video lessons, Printable Workbook, Resource List and more... 

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